January 8, 2020 Blog

Washington State PTA’s Legislative Position on Gun Violence Prevention

Washington State PTA recently held our 41st Annual Legislative Assembly, where we worked to build and enhance our platform of issues in support of the vision of making every child’s potential a reality. Delegates from across the state came together to learn from legislators and content experts, participate in civil discourse, and ultimately vote to adopt our legislative priorities for the coming year.

This year, as part of our full platform, we passed a long-term resolution (2.23 Gun Violence Prevention and Safety – Students and School Staff) and amended a short-term legislative platform issue (Prevent Gun Violence). Washington State PTA supports and advocates for legislation and policies that aim to prevent gun violence, reduce dangerous access to firearms, and reduce youth suicide, including:

  • Background checks for firearm sales
  • Safety training for firearm ownership
  • Regulating use of high capacity magazines
  • Prohibiting the arming of staff except for trained school resource officers (SROs)

Creating a platform based on grassroots efforts is part of the long tradition of PTA advocacy. Since 1897, PTA has been a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and a strong advocate for public education. National PTA has also been a leader in advocacy for gun violence prevention. In September, National PTA President Leslie Boggs testified to Congress in support of commonsense gun violence prevention and responsible gun ownership.

The WSPTA website contains more information about Washington State PTA’s advocacy work.

More information regarding National PTA’s advocacy work, including their Federal Public Policy Agenda and specifically Gun Safety and Violence Prevention, is located on their website.

— Sherry Rudolph is the Washington State PTA Advocacy Director.