Education to Action: A Guide to Grassroots Advocacy in Washington

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“It’s About Saving Lives”


Education to Action “ED2AC”is a free workshop and toolkit developed by the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence and implemented in Washington by the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Foundation.

Hosted by community leaders and advocates, Ed2Ac workshops are designed for people whose families and communities are impacted by gun violence and want to take action but may not yet have the tools to advocate for change to prevent gun violence at the local, state, and federal levels.

These tools are not limited to gun violence prevention; they can be applied in any area where an individual wants to advocate for change.

Education to Action teaches three powerful steps:

STEP 1: EDUCATE Learn about effective gun violence prevention strategies and policy approaches, as well as government structures and processes.

STEP 2: ENGAGE Connect with lawmakers, advocacy communities, and the media. Collaborate for change and for gun violence prevention.

STEP 3: ACT Take action with your community and legislators through effective advocacy. Use the power of people to create change in your community.

Education to Action is coming soon to Washington. We are looking for community leaders and advocates to host a workshop in their community:

What we provide: 90-minute workshop facilitated by expert community organizer and gun violence prevention advocate, plus workshop materials including projector/screen, evaluations, and our strategic toolkit handout for participants. We also provide light refreshments.

What you provide: Advertising for the event to recruit an audience of 15-20 community members and a meeting space (e.g. library, church, or community center).





Brandy is a Masters level former Therapist who has worked as a non-profit management professional for close to twenty years of experience in both mental health, direct service, program development, and outreach, across the lifespan in both Washington and Oklahoma. My most recent work with Homeless Youth and Young Adults.

I have a passion for building partnerships and innovative solutions towards basic needs programming for youth, adults, and families. Brandy has worked in the state of Washington for the last four years in the most marginalized communities directing and managing programming for local agencies working with youth and families.

Founder and Director of Bryden Consulting LLC as a Project Development Coordinator for the Homeless Healthcare Network University of Washington and Atlantic Street Center organization. Brandy worked to build community partnerships for more robust and comprehensive services for youth and young adults and extend services to families to help those who are already and homeless and homeless prevention. She has been a champion for community mental health, youth homelessness, food insecurity and gun violence prevention.


Contact Brandy Grant, Program Manager, to schedule your workshop today.
Email: [email protected]

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Implemented in Washington by the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Foundation

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