Public Education Campaigns

Enough is Enough

"Enough is Enough" tells the story of three women working, living, and surviving at the intersection of guns and domestic violence.

Our digital public education campaign between the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Foundation, the Seattle Police Department, and the Coalition Ending Gender-Based Violence, shines a light on how firearms dramatically worsen domestic violence situations – and to send a clear message: Enough is Enough.

Launched in March 2015 to commemorate International Women’s Day, this digital media partnership details how, every day in the United States, far too many families – and especially women – become victims of domestic violence.

When firearms are introduced into a domestic violence situation, the chance that someone will be killed by their abuser jumps by a factor of five.

Enough is Enough features three survivors of domestic violence who have responded to their own tragedies by taking action:

  • Courtney is a singer and gun violence prevention researcher who has used music to find her voice – and encourage other survivors to do the same.
  • Trese helped found an organization, which is run exclusively by survivors like herself, that helps people exiting domestic violence situations recover from their trauma.
  • Dana is the leader of the Victim Support Team at the Seattle Police Department.

Each of these people have committed themselves to letting victims and survivors know that they are not alone – and how a gun in the hands of a domestic abuser makes our families and our communities dramatically less safe.

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility Foundation would like to thank the Coalition Ending Gender-Based Violence, the Seattle Police Department, and all of the people who helped make Enough is Enough possible.