There is no one solution to the gun violence epidemic. Action is needed on the federal, state and local level as well as a cultural shift.

Commonsense Gun Laws

To learn more about lifesaving laws passed in Washington, including our ballot initiatives, visit our C4 site:


In order to address the epidemic of gun violence, we need comprehensive and up-to-date data to help us understand what gun violence looks like in our communities and what strategies can work to reduce it.  Read more.


Passing stronger laws is just the first step toward reducing gun violence in our communities. Our implementation work includes collaborating with stakeholders, such as law enforcement, public health officials, and community leaders, to develop educational resources and serving as a resource for practitioners. Read more.

Public Education

The Foundation collaborates with local and national partners, law enforcement, and other stakeholders to develop educational resources about specific policies. Read more.

See one of our public education campaigns: Enough is Enough.

Programs and Youth Engagement

The Foundation is committed to lifting up organizations and individuals working to reduce gun violence in our black and brown – the most impacted – communities. We also work to educate and build youth power through our Education to Action program, our intern and fellow program, and our volunteer and chapter teams. Read more.


We convene bi-annual summits which bring together national and local experts to share information and discuss the intersectionality of gun violence with a number of research and advocacy issues including suicide prevention, domestic violence, hate crimes, trauma-informed care, stigma, and discrimination. Read more.