There is no one solution to the gun violence epidemic. Action is needed on the federal, state and local level as well as a cultural shift.

Commonsense Gun Laws

To learn more about lifesaving laws passed in Washington, including our ballot initiatives, visit our C4 site:

Public Education and Programs

We regularly gather national and local subject matter experts to share information and discuss the intersection of gun violence with a number of research and advocacy issues, including suicide prevention, domestic violence, hate crimes, trauma-informed care, stigma, youth and discrimination. Our summits focus on evidence-based best practices, next steps, and coordination of prevention efforts. Through our education work we also identify and pursue qualitative research opportunities that help us better understand the crisis of gun violence and inform our legislative efforts. Learn more about public education.

See one of our public education campaigns: Enough is Enough.


Passing laws is just the first step toward reducing gun violence in our state. We work closely with law enforcement, public health officials, community leaders, and other stakeholders to develop toolkits and other educational resources to serve as tools for practitioners.

Youth Engagement

Through our Education to Action program, we work to educate and build youth power by facilitating workshops with youth groups and young activists to encourage political engagement.

Engaging Impacted Communities

Gun violence disproportionately impacts communities of color in the United States (Washington included), the impacts of which are often underrepresented in mainstream discussions of guns and gun violence. Learn more.