August 5, 2016 In the News

On 10-year anniversary, legislator recalls Seattle Jewish Federation shooting

State Representative Tana Senn (41st LD – Mercer Island) writes in the Bellevue Reporter:

Sadly, shootings have become an all-too-common occurrence, not just around the country, but in our community, too.

Ten years ago, my friend Pam Waechter was killed and five others critically injured in a hate crime shooting at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. At the time, I served as a Jewish Federation board member and helped in the immediate aftermath and with the long-term recovery. I saw firsthand the toll gun violence takes on the victims, their families and friends… and society at large.

Gun violence doesn’t just affect one person, one body. Its effects ripple out like water, a single droplet becomes a wave.

. . .

Next year in Olympia, I will push my colleagues to take up meaningful legislation to further reduce gun deaths in our state.

But you don’t have to be a legislator to change our state laws to prevent senseless gun violence. You can make a huge difference by joining with me and voting for I-1491 in November.

July 28 is the 10-year anniversary of the Jewish Federation shooting. It is also my daughter’s birthday. I fight for stronger gun laws for the memory of my friend Pam and for a brighter—and less violent—future for my daughter and all the children in our community.

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