August 22, 2019 In the News

Statement From Renée Hopkins, CEO Of The Alliance For Gun Responsibility, About The Shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas:

“Our thoughts are with the victims’ families, those who are still fighting for their lives, first responders, the First Baptist congregation and the entire Sutherland Springs community. We lost at least 27 lives to senseless gun violence today, including children, after a shooter walked into the church and opened fire. Dozens of others are injured and so many families are waiting to see if their loved ones are safe.

Churches should be safe places for all who gather there for prayer and community. Yet in just a few minutes, the lives of so many were cut short, leaving families and an entire community to grieve this tragedy. And we grieve with them. When violence hits one of our communities, it strikes all of them.

While the details of this horrific act are still unfolding, we know one thing for sure. Keeping our communities and our sacred spaces safe from gun violence, must be prioritized.

Just this week, our own communities in Washington felt the devastating impact of gun violence. Not a day went by without lives lost to gun violence. The impact of this violence reverberates long past the shooting itself, and communities across our state are far too familiar with its devastating impact. This is not acceptable.

We as a nation must re-commit ourselves—and demand the same of our leaders –to the hard work of building safe and just communities free from this vicious cycle of unnecessary violence. The uniquely American tragedy of gun violence does not have to continue.”