November 15, 2018 Press Releases

Leading Gun Violence Prevention Organizations Launch, the First National Website About Navigating The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Firearms

Disarm Domestic Violence Provides a Comprehensive Database of State Laws and Resources for Victims, Survivors, Advocates, and Officers of the Court


Washington, D.C. — The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (EFSGV), the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Foundation, and Prosecutors Against Gun Violence (PAGV) announced the launch of a comprehensive website about domestic violence protective order enforcements and firearm surrender. The website is a unique, user-friendly tool to research and compare firearm removal laws, which often vary dramatically between states.

The Disarm Domestic Violence website ( allows advocates, survivors and gun violence prevention activists to research state-specific laws on domestic violence-related protective order firearm removals. The website provides an interactive map that can be searched by a number of variables. The search results can be compared between states, providing a complete picture of state-by-state laws regarding domestic violence protective orders and firearm removals.

“No one should have to live in fear of an armed abuser. Unfortunately, loopholes and discrepancies in state firearm removal laws can be confusing for domestic violence survivors seeking to remove firearms from their abusers. Disarm Domestic Violence will make it easy for survivors to see details about firearm removal in their states and seek help with more knowledge of the removal process,” said Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence Legal Director Kelly Roskam. “The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence is proud to be part of this impactful, collaborative project. We look forward to continuing our work with survivors and other stakeholders; together, we can disarm domestic abusers and save lives.”

“This tool will be instrumental in moving us, this nation and society, one step closer to removing firearms from those who hurt others in domestic violence situations,” said Ruth Glenn, President/CEO, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. “NCADV is so very pleased to be a part of this project, working with these partners and allies and taking action to prevent the coercive control and sometimes lethality when there is access to a firearm, by the abuser. As a survivor of domestic violence involving a gun, I am so pleased to be a part of making change and working removal of firearms, holding abusers accountable and providing an additional tool for domestic violence victims.”  

Domestic violence and firearms intersect all too often in our country, often with deadly consequences,” said Renee Hopkins, CEO of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility. “Here in Washington state, we’ve made great strides to limit abusers’ access to guns and to make sure that law enforcement has the tools they need to disarm abusers. Locally and nationally, there is still an information gap about the law and what people can do; Disarm Domestic Violence will help close that gap and gives people information they can use to stay safe in their state.”

“Guns and domestic violence are a lethal combination,” Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, Jr. and Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, co-founders of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, said. “As prosecutors, we know all too well that when an abusive partner has access to firearms, the risk that the other partner – usually a woman – will be killed increases fivefold. Restricting abusers’ access to firearms is a proven and effective means to reduce domestic violence homicides. Disarm Domestic Violence will serve as a vital clearinghouse for information on firearm removal legislation across the country – shining a light on states that have taken action to protect survivors, as well as states with dangerous gaps in their laws.”

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