July 28, 2019 Press Releases

On the 13th anniversary of the Jewish Federation shooting, eight gun violence prevention laws take effect

SEATTLE, WA – This year, the Washington State Legislature passed a record number of gun violence prevention bills promoting safety, responsible gun ownership, and public education. As the majority of those bills go into effect today, coinciding with the 13th anniversary of the mass shooting at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, legislative champions, survivors, advocates, and leaders of the Jewish community have come together to honor the victims, share stories of survival, and lift up the work of those leading the fight against preventable gun violence. 

“Today is a day of reflection, and, an opportunity to look to a future where gun violence is no longer a crisis in our communities,” said Meredith Goldstein, Alliance for Gun Responsibility Foundation board president. “This legislative session we passed more gun responsibility bills than in all past sessions combined. We were able to take bold action protecting victims of domestic violence, preventing firearm suicide, and keeping our schools and communities safer from gun violence. As eight of those bills go into effect, Washingtonians are now safer from gun violence than we were yesterday.”

“I was 43 years old when I was shocked to find myself flat on my stomach with my arms around my head, waiting for the gunshot that would kill me,” said Cheryl Stumbo, survivor of the Jewish Federation Shooting and member of the Everytown Survivors Network. “Thirteen years later, my body still remembers and hurts when I go back to that day, those weeks, those years. But I am also optimistic about the progress we have made and will continue to make to prevent others from experiencing the pain and tragedy that I did. That is why I continue to share my story.”

Cheryl and Meredith joined members of the Jewish Federation and Temple De Hirsch Sinai, along with legislative champions Rep. Valdez, Rep. Jinkins, Rep. Macri, Rep. Pollet, Sen. Carlyle for a press conference and reception to honor the victims and survivors of the Jewish Federation shooting, celebrate the progress Washington state has made, and acknowledge the work there is left to do to reduce gun violence in our communities. 

The following gun violence prevention bills go into effect on July 28, 2019:

  • HB 1732, which strengthens Washington’s hate crimes statute 
  • SHB 1225, which empowers law enforcement to do more to protect victims of domestic violence by allowing officers to remove firearms from the scene of a domestic violence arrest
  • SHB 1786, which streamlines and strengthens our protective order system
  • SSB 5181, which helps prevent firearm suicide by temporarily restricting access to firearms from anyone involuntarily held for 72-hours because they present a risk to themselves or others
  • SHB 1949, which directs the Office of Financial Management to study centralizing our background check system and passed unanimously in both chambers
  • SSB 5027, which clarifies our Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) law and establishes a process to issue an ERPO against a juvenile
  • SB 5205, which closes a loophole that allowed people with a history of violence, who had been found incompetent to stand trial, to remain legally eligible to purchase and possess firearms
  • SB 5514, which requires first responders to notify schools of potential threats 

This event is part of the Putting People First Tour, a series of events highlighting the progressives wins of the 2019 legislative session. It is hosted by The Communications Hub at Fuse, the State Innovation Exchange, Alliance for Gun Responsibility, and the Jewish Federation of Seattle.