Public Education

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility Foundation is committed to gathering and sharing up-to-date information about evidence-based policies to reduce gun violence. The Foundation collaborates with local and national partners, law enforcement, and other stakeholders to develop educational resources about specific policies.


Extreme Risk Protection Order Toolkit: The Alliance for Gun Responsibility Foundation, the Education Fund to Stop Gun Violence, and Giffords Law Center collaborated to publish the first ERPO toolkit designed for states hoping to pass and implement this lifesaving law. A website created to provide the most relevant information for petitioners seeking an ERPO and respondents who have been served with an order. The site is designed to be a clear, easy-to-use resource for everyday people struggling with an often too complex legal system. It features a glossary, resources, and answers to frequently asked questions. In partnership with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the Education Fund to Stop Gun Violence, and Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, the Foundation launched, a tool that allows individuals to research state-specific laws on firearm removals under domestic violence restraining orders.


The Foundation also regularly convenes summits, which bring together national and local experts to share information and discuss the intersectionality of gun violence with a number of research and advocacy issues including suicide prevention, domestic violence, hate crimes, trauma-informed care, stigma, and discrimination. Each summit includes data-rich presentations, panel discussions, and group breakout sessions to brainstorm opportunities for improvement and outline next steps.

Previous Summits include: